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Letter from the Royal Bank of Scotland


Recently, the Alliance has been sending letters of proposal to the top international banks to acquire substantial amount of their company shares, banks such as HSBC, Standard Charter, Citibank, ING Groep, Mitsubishi Financial Group and etc.  We will invite U.S. President Barack Obama to be the Honorary Chairman of our financial group after he steps down from the public office, and will invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to join the group as the Honorary Chief Executive Officer. We believe this would greatly help raise substantial funding for our international projects of Super Highway and the Global International Bank. 


In July 2016, we have received a positive reply from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group for our acquisition plan proposal (as below).  We believe such proposal will be consented and supported by the British government, which holds 73% stake of the group.  The Alliance plans to acquire a couple more of international banks to create our biggest commercial bank in the world which would facilitate well with our global projects.  As mentioned above, we are inviting the top world leaders to join this financial group, which would support our acquisition plan in a variety of businesses.  Besides, this largest commercial bank would provide special care of banking services to the small and medium businesses, as corporate social responsibility is one of our practices other than just making profits.



Furthermore, we also plan to acquire a prestigious international movie company, such as Warner Brothers or Walt Disney Pictures and a renowned international mass media group.  We will invite Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Honorary Chairman to be in charge of the media business, and President George W. Bush to be the Honorary Chairman who will be in charge of the movie business.  We would produce movies with the theme in world peace, and we are confident the movies would do very well in the box office.  Our movies would promote important messages of world peace to people around the world and the movie company is also a very effective tool to voice out the concerns from our cooperative countries.  Moreover, we are also sending letters to different top international corporations for our acquisition plan, and we look forward to starting win-win cooperation with the renowned corporations all over the world.


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