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Five Recent Initiatives of the Alliance in Promoting World Peace


The Alliance has always been committing itself in the promotion of world peace, and this has been its key mission. Recently, we have sent proposals to different countries for peacefully resolving the various disputes or helping to reduce the military tensions and hostility, so as to maintain regional stability and global peace.   

1. “Nine-Party Talks” for resolving the disputes between Israel and Palestine

The Alliance has sent proposals to the U.S., Russia, France, U.K., Germany and Japan to invite these leading countries to promote peace talks between Israel and Palestine along with the Alliance to create “Nine-Party Talks”, which we could bring back the 2013 peace protocol to the talks.  The Alliance could take the management on any disputed area which could be leased out to both Israel and Palestine with peace corps security services. Donations from different countries could be used on building infrastructure and housing projects for Palestine. Both countries would be invited to participate in the economic development and tourism businesses which could greatly increase the employment in the affected areas.  We would invite President George W. Bush and Dr. Condoleezza to attend the peace talks under an appropriate diplomatic etiquette and political environment.  With both leaders of Israel and Palestine joining the Alliance, we are confident that peace will prevail over the whole region.

Developing the Golan Heights as “Special Economic Zone” for promoting peaceful settlements on the territorial disputes between Israel and Syria

Furthermore, the territorial dispute for 50 years between Israel and Syria over the Golan Heights could also be resolved with the same fashion from the Alliance. In May 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights in return for peace.  Again, we propose that the Alliance could take the management of the Golan Heights for developing it into a special economic zone for tourism and other businesses. Besides, the Alliance could also establish its Middle-East regional headquarters there, for facilitating the various international projects. This would create numerous job opportunities, and help to boost the economy of Israel, Syria and Jordan, as well as further enhance the peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine, and help speed up the restoration of Syria. We are confident that this would help maintain the regional stability of Middle East.   We are glad to see that there is good progress on this issue recently, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel went to Russia to meet with President Putin on April 21, 2016, to discuss on the issues of Israel and Palestine and Syria which also touched on the topic of the Golan Heights (please see the news articles as in the below). 


2. Economic Development Projects on Falkland Islands for resolving the territorial disputes

The Alliance has sent proposal to U.K. and Argentina to use a similar approach as the aforementioned one, to deal with the dispute between U.K. and Argentina over the sovereignty of Falkland Islands.  That is, the Alliance could take over the management of Falkland Islands for the development of tourism, and the profits from all economic activities go to charities for helping the underprivileged in both countries, with everybody wins, which could ease the military tensions between the two parties. 


3. Resolving the threats of nuclear tests from DPR Korea through economic development and humanitarian aids

The recent nuclear tests from DPR Korea had threatened the stability of the neighboring countries.  As the Alliance enjoys good relations with the government of DPR Korea, we could take on the role as a mediator for DPR Korea and to foster a more harmonious relation between its neighboring countries. 

We advocate the approach of negotiations among all parties concerned for peacefully resolving disputes, instead of imposing economic sanctions or military drills.  We are committed in playing the role as a messenger of peace and acting as a mediator in facilitating exchanges and dialogues among the countries concerned, in order to help breaking the ice, with the Alliance's diplomatic and political strength from all our cooperative countries and through enhancing economic development and humanitarian aid. We have sent proposals to the government of DPR Korea on this and the Alliance would offer any necessary assistance to the country and other countries concerned in promoting harmonious relationship in the region.  Again, we are confident that such proposal would be supported by the U.S., Russia, Japan and the leading European countries.


4. Promoting Peaceful Relationship between Russia and Turkey

The Alliance is concerned about the conflicts between Russia and Turkey after the November 2015 jet shoot down incident. We understand that there is serious confrontation between the two countries. Russia is imposing economic sanctions and other policies against Turkey; and Turkey would like to improve the bilateral relations with Russia.  With our friendly working partnership with Russia, we are confident that we could act as a mediator in facilitating the dialogue between the two countries and offer our help in resolving the predicament, with our soft power; and that President Putin would support the Alliance to be the mediator for such issue.  Indeed, the Alliance could help to solve many international issues such as the dispute on the Kuril Islands between Russia and Japan; the predicament of Mr. Edward Snowden on going back to the U.S. to deal with the legal issues, which we believe President Putin has shown his support to our involvement of such matter.  We have also raised the issue with the U.S. government and we believe the U.S. is supportive to our approach.


5. Economic Development Projects on the Diaoyu Islands and Dokdo (the “Liancourt Rocks”-  u) for resolving the territorial disputes

The Alliance has proposed to suggest a peaceful way to work out the territorial disputes on the Diaoyu Islands with Japan and China, by developing the Islands into a tourist attraction, where every party can benefit from it.  The Alliance would be responsible for developing the tourism business and other economic projects.  All the profits from mining of the oil and other natural resources from the Islands would be shared equally between Japan, China and the Alliance.  The profit share of the Alliance would be used on charities to our cooperative countries, and especially to the people from the third world countries.  We have sent such proposal to U.S., Russia, U.K., France and Germany, and we strongly believe these leading countries and Japan and China would agree with this win-win proposal and support the project for the sake of regional stability and world peace. Similarly, we have also proposed to adopt a similar approach for resolving the territorial disputes of Dokdo (in Korean) – “u”(the “Liancourt Rocks”) / Takeshima (in Japanese) –“u” between Japan and South Korea.


The Alliance devotes itself in the promotion of world peace, and is committed in offering the necessary assistance in resolving different types of conflicts and disputes.


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