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Mega-Scale International Economic Development Projects with Estimated Total Revenue of USD 300 Billion


The Alliance has proposed a number of large-scale international economic development projects with the leading countries including Russia, the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan, etc., on the establishment of special economic zones in Crimea, the Kuril Island and Vladivostok.  We believe the Alliance could have a good chance to get the management from the Russian government for establishing special economic zone and other development projects in the above three places, and that the proposed “Nation of Peace” will then be established. 


We strongly believe that Russia, Japan and the Alliance will make announcement together to the world at the right time in 2016 on peacefully developing the Kuril Islands.  We have proposed that all the profits from mining of the precious minerals on the islands would be shared equally between the three parties of Russia, Japan and the Alliance. Besides, Kuril Islands could become sister cities with Crimea to promote trade, tourism, cultural and commercial ties between the two cities. The above development projects would need large amount of technical and unskilled labors, and ideally the merchandizes exported from the special economic zones could enjoy low tariffs or tax free for importing to most of the countries around the world, given that the Alliance has good relations with governments of different countries.


The expected population growth of the three proposed special economic zones could reach to 30 million people in total (10 million people in each place). With the various mega-scale international economic development projects in these three zones, the potential business revenue that will be generated from all the economic activities in 5 years’ time is estimated to be USD 300 billion. Hence, we believe the net asset value of the Alliance and the Nation of Peace will surpass that of the international listed companies as owned by the billionaires in a few years’ time.


The profit share of the Alliance would be used for the financing of the various large scale international development projects, including the infrastructure project of building a super highway which would cross over Europe, Asia and Americas; the establishment of a Global International Bank for supporting the superhighway & other infrastructure projects; and the setting up of an aviation technology company for building satellites and commercial airline planes.


The Alliance has proposed to work with the U.S., Russia as well as the European and Asian countries on the aforementioned international development projects. The headquarters of the superhighway project will be established in Russia. It would help boost the economies of the countries involved, create numerous job opportunities, enhance the convenience of transportation across different parts of the world, and thus further facilitate international trade and cooperation among different countries, as well as enhancing tourism and advocating cultural exchanges among different nations.  We have also invited President Obama of U.S.A. to be the Chairman of the Global International Bank with its headquarters located in the U.S.  The aviation technology company to be set up in the special economic zones would be for the building of satellites and production of commercial airline planes, with the top-notch technology from both great nations of U.S. and Russia in the development of safer, more eco-friendly and fuel efficient aircrafts.  The profits from this company would go to the research in science and space technology for the benefits of humanity.


The profits generated by the different economic development projects will be used for supporting peace development work, as well as for charities to our cooperative countries, especially to the people from the third world countries. We look forward to start working on these win-win international projects with the leading countries, and joining hands with them in advocating global economic development and enhancing charities, in order to create a better world for mankind.


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