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Correspondence from the government of the Republic of Colombia



We are pleased to receive a recent reply from the President Office of the Republic of Colombia, in respond to our proposal of cooperation with the country.


English Translation of the letter:


Attentively and according to the communication received in this office which was sent to the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos, we inform you that it has issued its request to the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that would meet the requirements in the framework of its powers.


Previously we sent a letter of proposal to President Juan Manuel Santos of the Republic of Colombia, for collaboration with the country in various different areas, including the following:

1. The possibility of establishing a Secretarial Office in Colombia, for facilitating the various international projects and economic activities with different countries.


2. Invitation to the First Lady of the Republic of Colombia for joining the First Ladies Association and its fundraising events. 


Our proposal has been forwarded to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for consideration. We shall keep close communications with the government of Colombia for win-win cooperation, and look forward to joining hands with Colombia and its people in advocating economic development and charities. 


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