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Cooperation proposals with Japan on the economic development projects on Kuril Islands



We have kept communicating with the governments of Japan and Russia, and working on the proposals of the Special Economic Zone on the Kuril Islands. We are pleased to learn that the leaders of Russia and Japan would meet in the spring of 2016 and talk about the issue. (Please refer to the news article extracted here.)


We look forward to the peaceful settlements of the Kuril Islands issue which has been in a long-standing territorial dispute between Japan and Russia. We believe the issues would be resolved peacefully in the near future by adopting the Alliance’s proposal of establishing special economic zone and developing various types of economic activities there. We are confident that the Alliance could have a very good chance to get the management from the Russian government for such economic development project on the Kuril Islands in the year 2016, and we expect that we would make public announcement on the partnership between Russia, Japan and the Alliance on this international project at an appropriate timing and political stance in 2016.  


We sent a further collaboration proposal to Prime Minister Shinzš­ Abe of Japan, regarding the economic development projects of the Kuril Islands.  As we previously suggested, the Kuril Islands could be developed into a tourist attraction. The Japanese government and companies could take over the contracts for the land infrastructure projects such as further development and refinement of the airport and piers. The Alliance could sell a piece of land to Japan at below market price, for jointly developing tourism, luxurious housing projects, industrial parks, etc., for accelerating the economic growth of the Kuril Island as well as Japan. The profit share of the Alliance would be used on charities to our cooperative countries to help the underprivileged.


Besides, we have sent our invitation to Prime Minister Abe for joining the Alliance as the President (Japan and Asia Pacific) after his tenure in office. We have also invited His Excellency to be the Presidential Advisor of the “Nation of Peace”, with the issue of diplomatic passports (including family members), and pledged to offer our support if there is any political retribution. We look forward to joining hands with Prime Minister Abe in promoting world peace through economic development, and working on the economic development projects of the Kuril Islands, with the valuable advice from His Excellency.  In addition, we have invited the First Lady of Japan to join the First Ladies Association as the Vice President, to join hands with us in promoting charities.


We are confident we will receive the Nobel Peace Prize just from resolving the Kuril Islands dispute. This would be an exemplary model for a peaceful resolution on territorial disputes. We will produce our first movie on this, with the title of“Our Most Influential World Leaders- On the road of World Peace” featuring the fantastic stories of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Shinzš­ Abe of Japan, President George W. Bush and the Alliance as led by Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman, in the promotion of world peace and making a difference in this world; and the two times Oscar winners of film directors will be invited to direct this movie. With the support and participation of Russia, Japan and the U.S. and other leading countries, the economic development project of Kuril Islands will be a great success, and it will definitely be a win-win for all parties concerned, with the profits from the economic activities going to the charities.


Apart from Prime Minister Abe of Japan, we have also sent our invitation to President Thein Sein of Myanmar to join the Alliance as the President (Myanmar) and Vice President (Asia Pacific Region), after his tenure in office. Besides, we have started new communication with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for inviting her to join the Alliance as the Director (Myanmar) and Deputy Director (Asia Pacific Region). Again, the Alliance has pledged to offer our support if there is any political retribution encountered by the political leaders.


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