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Letter from the President of France





English translation of the letter sent from the Office of the President of France (summarized)



The President of the French Republic entrusted to me the task to answer you and thank you for the support you sent to the French, in the aftermath of the terrible event that strikes us on November 13, 2015.


This attack, of absolute barbarism, is an act of war.  It is hitting France, the homeland of freedom, enlightenment and human rights. It is the entire civilization that is bruised.


France is instituted in a war against terrorism that affects the whole world, the international community and humanity. Our Nation is open to the world. It defends and carries the values ​​of peace and tolerance that resound in every human being. On November 13, 130 lives were torn and the 130 faces accounted youth, culture and the thirst for knowledge.


That is why Mr. Francois Hollande announced on November 16 the willingness to join forces for a common struggle against this enemy of the world, as part of a coalition, large and unique. Together we can fight and eradicate the threats from the terrorists. We receive messages of support and solidarity from different parts of the world, such as yours.  These testimonies affect us deeply. 


Please accept, Sir, the assurances of my distinguished consideration.



We are honoured to receive the letter from President François Hollande of France, in respond to our message of support sent to His Excellency after the terrorist attack in France in November 2015.   The Alliance has sent its condolences and best regards to the people of France and the families of the victims. As a messenger of peace, the Alliance puts the promotion of world peace and welfare of humanity as the priority of our mission, and we are definitely in support of France and standing with the French government and its people. 


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