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November 4, 2015- Visit of Ambassador of Comoros to China


H.E. Mr. Mahmoud M. Aboud, Ambassador of the Union of the Comoros to China (left); Mr. Patrick Ng, Director (Development) of the Alliance (right)  


We were glad to have H.E. Mr. Mahmoud M. Aboud, Ambassador of the Union of the Comoros to China, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand to visit us in Hong Kong again in November 2015. We presented the recent development of the proposed projects of the Alliance, including our recent proposals sent to Russia, the U.S. and the leading European countries, for establishing “The Restoration of Syria and Economic Development and Aid Center” for the rebuilding of a prosperous Syria, after the peaceful settlement of the crisis; as well as our new proposal to President Putin of Russia, for establishing a special economic zone in Vladivostok to further facilitate the economic growth of Russia.  Mr. Ambassador complemented on the Alliance’s peace work and extended his best wishes to our future endeavours. 

Apart from the Alliance’s Scholarship Programme, we have also discussed with Mr. Ambassador on our proposed donation of two vehicles to his Embassy, for advocating its economic development activities in Beijing and the Southern part of China. The Alliance is supportive to the government of Comoros, its people and Embassy, particularly that Mr. Ambassador is our Honorary Advisor.  His Excellency once again extended his deep gratitude to the Alliance for our support and generous offer. In addition, Mr. Ambassador was interested in the “First Lady Association” as established by the Alliance. We would keep H.E. informed of its latest development and invite the First Lady of Comoros to participate in its future activities. 

On behalf of his government, Mr. Ambassador once again expressed their support to the Alliance and its activities, and offered to render their assistance to us if necessary.  Beside, H.E. also appreciated the Alliance’s effort in promoting solidarity among the small countries and helping them to strike for their fair share in the international community. He will report to and follow up with his government on our proposals. 


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