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Delegation Trip to Beijing, Oct 16-17, 2015 ĘC Visit to the Embassy of Pakistan


Meeting at the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing - Mr. Muhammad Salim, Economic Minister of the Embassy of Pakistan (middle); Mr. Sunny Wong, Executive Chairman of the Alliance (right);  Mrs. Jennifer Wong, Executive Vice Chairman of the Alliance (left) 


During our short visit to Beijing for the 3rd Anniversary of the Alliance, we seized the opportunity to visit the Embassy of Pakistan. We were warmly welcomed by Economic Minister Mr. Muhammad Salim. We met with Mr. Salim last year at his Embassy and both parties were keenly interested in exploring further cooperation, such as the development of special economic zone in Pakistan.

Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman, gave a brief update on the recent activities and projects of the Alliance, such as the cooperation with Russia on the proposed special economic zone on Kuril Islands, for resolving the territorial disputes between Russia and Japan.  Mr. Wong also highlighted that the Alliance has recently sent proposals to Russia, the U.S., France and other leading European countries for suggesting a more peaceful way to deal with the Syrian crisis. We believe the Alliance has made a significant impact on helping to resolve the crisis, as we could see from the actions taken by these countries.

In addition, Mr. Wong introduced the Alliance’s recent proposal of “US$1 land” offer.  We are proposing to different countries, including Pakistan, to sell a piece of land from the special economic zones on the Kuril Islands or Crimea for US$1 to the First Lady, or a charitable organization/foundation or the tourism board of the countries, to establish a five-star hotel or other businesses in tourism.  We would offer 30 years of interest-free loan to the selected third-world countries or those countries in need. 

Mr. Minister highly commended on the Alliance’s peace work and the brilliant ideas from our Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong.  He was deeply impressed by Mr. Wong’s wisdom, as well as his unique vision and far-reaching goals. 

Furthermore, we also discussed about Pakistan’s recent cooperation with the Chinese government on the contract of production of war planes. This has given insight to the Alliance for establishing an aviation technology company with Russia and the U.S.  The aviation technology center will be located either in the special economic zone of Kuril Islands or Crimea, with annual rental of US$1 to the Alliance for 100 years and could be renewed for another 100 years.  It would be used for research and development of satellites and advanced commercial airline planes, and produce safer, more eco-friendly and fuel efficient aircrafts. We proposed that Russia, the U.S., the Alliance and the “Nation of Peace” would own a total of 85% of the company share; and the remaining 15% would be allotted for investment from governments of our cooperative countries and corporate investors. The profits from this company would go to the research in science and space technology for the benefits of humanity. 

This was a very constructive meeting in which both parties would like to explore further on the cooperation.  We certainly welcome the participation of the Pakistan in the aforementioned projects, as well as our international projects of building the superhighway and establishing the Global International Bank.  Besides, Mr. Minister also welcomed and invited the Alliance to conduct site visit to Pakistan to further explore on our cooperation of the special economic zones there. We would keep in close contact with each other for further exploration on our win-win partnership and latest update on the development.  


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