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Correspondence from the government of the Republic of Panama



We are pleased to receive a recent reply from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Panama. Further to our meeting with the officials of The Economic & Commercial Office of Panama in Hong Kong in July 2015, we sent a further proposal of cooperation with the country in various aspects, including the following:

1. The possibility of establishing the Alliance’s South America regional headquarters in Panama, for facilitating international trade, different forms of business partnership, economic development projects and charities. 

2. Invitation to the country for participating in our recent worldwide scale project proposals, including the superhighway infrastructure project and the establishment of the Global International Bank; the proposals of establishing special economic zones in Crimea and the Kuril Islands for resolving international disputes in a peaceful way. 

After receiving the recent reply from his government, we sent a further proposal to President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama. We have further proposed to establish a Secretariat Office in Panama which would act as a navigation channel for introducing new investors, developing different forms of business and facilitating economic activities between Panama and other countries in our cooperative network.  Moreover, we have suggested that Panama and the Kuril Islands could become sister cities in future, for promoting tourism as well as commercial and cultural ties between the two places. 

We are now keeping close communications with the government of Panama for further details of our cooperation which will be mutually beneficial for all parties concerned, and we look forward to starting our win-win collaboration soon. 


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