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Four Recent Proposed Projects of the Alliance

The Alliance has been committing itself in promoting world peace through economic development and humanitarian aid. We work with different countries even though they might not be friends with each other, and we have been developing friendly working relationships with them. We believe it is important to build up mutual trust with the countries all over the world for promotion of world peace and achieving win-win situation among all parties. We have continued to work on our mission as a messenger of peace in several significant world issues and sent various proposals to different countries for collaboration in the below areas: 

1. Establishing a Special Economic Zone in Crimea for resolving the crisis

We have sent proposals to President Putin of Russia, for creating a special economic zone in Crimea based on the successful model of Hong Kong.  With the profits from certain economic projects go to charities in Crimea, Russia, Ukraine, the third world countries and developing countries, we believe this would help to ease the tensions and hostility between Russia and Ukraine, and the crisis could be resolved peacefully.  Furthermore, the ports in Crimea could be on a lease of 100 years to Russia for US$100, and the lease could be renewed for another 100 years.  Such proposal has also been sent to the member states of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including France, U.K. & the U.S.   We have received some initial positive feedbacks and we believe President Putin would agree with our proposal which is one of the best solutions to the current situation both economically and politically.

We have also proposed to organize a fundraising event for the victims in the Malaysian plane crash tragedy in Ukraine, with the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, U.K. and Indonesia, Germany, and international corporations.  The funds raised would be used to finance the establishment of a monument for honoring those who were killed in the incident, as well as for setting up a Charity Foundation to offer financial assistance to the family members of the victims. We have invited some influential political giants and former top government officials to be in charge of this project, and join hands with us in our peace work.  

2. Promoting peaceful relations between Taiwan (R.O.C.) & China (P.R.C.), the  “Cross-Strait relations”

The Alliance is devoted in the promotion of peace among all countries.  We have sent proposals to both Taiwan and China for potential cooperation in various areas. We believe our collaboration in enhancing economic development and humanitarian aid in the two regions would help to enhance the “Cross-Strait relations”, and that it is important to build up mutual trust among each other in achieving win-win situation among all parties.  The Alliance, as an independent international organization and not being influenced by any leading countries, is aiming at promoting world peace and committed itself in helping those small countries or countries which are being isolated in the international political arena. We are devoted in rendering any necessary assistance in the peaceful resolution between Taiwan and. P.R.C in future, and acting as a mediator in facilitating exchanges and dialogues between the two parties, and ultimately create a more balanced situation where mutual benefits between Taiwan and P.R.C. could be reached. 

3. Enhancing peaceful relationship between the two Koreas 

The Alliance has been having close collaboration with DPR Korea in enhancing the country’s economic development and humanitarian assistance. In mid of 2014, the Alliance has made a donation of diesel oil amounting to USD 500,000 to DPR Korea, for advocating its agricultural productivity; and we will continue to offer our help to the country in enhancing the living standard of its people. Invitation has also been sent to the First Lady of DPR Korea for joining the First Ladies Association of the Alliance.

We are committed in playing the role as a messenger of peace and acting as a mediator in facilitating exchanges and dialogues among different countries, as well as helping to break the ice for those countries that are being isolated from the international community, with the Alliance's diplomatic and political strength from all our cooperative countries and through enhancing economic development and charities all over the world. We would offer any necessary assistance for the participating states in the “Six-party talks” in reaching a peaceful resolution and lessening military hostility and tension within the region.

4. Enhancing peaceful settlements between Palestine and Israel 

We have been exploring to work with both the State of Palestine and Israel with economic development and humanitarian assistance, for peaceful settlements between the two countries. Earlier this year, the Board of the Alliance has approved the donation of USD 100,000 to the Palestinian government for humanitarian aid. Recently, we have received an invitation from the Palestinian government to visit the country for exploring further on our collaboration in different aspects. We look forward to having further discussion with the top government officials during this delegation trip and joining hands with the country in promoting peace in the Middle East. 

The Alliance is fully committed in our peace work with different countries through enhancing economic development and charities all over the world. 


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