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Correspondences from the Prime Minister Office of the United Kingdom




This is the latest reply we received from Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom. Recently, we have sent proposals of cooperation with the U.K. to His Excellency in various aspects, including the following:

1. Invitation to the U.K. for becoming the Permanent Security Council member of our newly structured Alliance. We have also sent invitations to France, Russia and the United States to join us on the same title. 

2. Possible establishment of the Alliance’s Headquarters or regional headquarters in the U.K. Ideally we hope to establish our headquarters in the U.K. and some other leading countries with the status of the World Trade Organization.

3. The formation of the First Ladies Association by the Alliance for promoting women’s welfare and social status, with our proposed donation of US$ 1 million for charity to the First Ladies/ respectful ladies of the seven leading countries, namely France, Germany, India, P.R.C., Russia, United Kingdom and the United States. 

4. The proposed establishment of a monument in Crimea for the victims in the Malaysian plane crash tragedy happened in Ukraine. The Alliance is now proposing to organize a fundraising event for the victims in this tragedy, together with the U.K., the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Germany. The funds raised would be used to finance the construction of the monument and for setting up a Charity Foundation to offer financial assistance to the family members of the victims. 

We are glad to receive such positive response from the Prime Minister’s Office, and we are having further communications with the U.K. government for fostering our cooperation. We look forward to having close working partnership with the U.K. in advocating economic development and charities, and promotion of world peace in the near future.  


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