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Meeting with UK Trade & Investment Hong Kong (UKTI HK)


Mr. Patrick Ng, Director (Development) of the Alliance (right) presented a souvenir to Mr. Andy Burwell, Regional Director of Investment for Asia Pacific, UKTI HK (left), after the meeting at the Alliance’s Central Office in Hong Kong. 



We have sent letters of proposals to the Honorable Prime Minister David Cameron of United Kingdom in the past few months, for potential cooperation with the U.K. in various areas, including the establishment of the Alliance’s Headquarters in U.K.; a large-scale economic development project with expected investment of USD20-30 billion; the possible cooperation in the granting of honorary titles to business and social leaders and philanthropists for bringing in more investment and charities to the country; and to seek authorization from the British government on the ‘Nation of Peace’s proposed provisional government and embassy in the U.K.  Subsequently, we received the replies from the Prime Minister Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of U.K. which referred us to contact with the UK Trade & Investment Hong Kong (UKTI HK) for exploring on our collaboration. 

On November 3, 2014, we had a meeting with Mr. Andy Burwell, Regional Director of Investment for Asia Pacific, UKTI HK, for further discussion on our proposals. It was a fruitful meeting in which we got a better understand of each other, and had meaningful exchanges on various areas of cooperation, such as the possible establishment of the Alliance’s Headquarters/Office in the U.K., as well as the launching of the economic development project of establishing a “China City” in the UK, with an expected investment of USD$20-30 billion from the Greater China and Asia-Pacific regions. We agreed to keep in contact with each other for further exploration on our cooperation and latest update on the development.  


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