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Delegation trip to Beijing, 14 Oct 2014


On Oct 14, 2014, we have paid visit to the following embassies: Afghanistan, Ghana, Norway and Russia


Meeting at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to P.R.C. - H.E. Mr. Kabir Farahi, Ambassador of Afghanistan to P.R.C. (4th from right); Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman (4th from left)

Photo taken at the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana – Mr. Gogu Alfred A. Saame, Minister of Ghana Embassy (3rd from left); Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman (3rd from right) 

Visit to the Royal Norwegian Embassy - Ms. Kristin Iglum, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission of Norwegian Embassy (4th from right); Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman (4th from left)

Meeting with Ms. Victoria Sergeeva, Protocol Officer of Russia (middle) at the Embassy of Russian Federation; Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman (third from left)


We were glad to meet with Ms. Victoria Sergeeva, Protocol Officer and Attache in the Embassy of Russian Federation again, and appreciated very much the warm reception extended by the Embassy to our full team of delegation, as led by the Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong.  That was the second meeting with Ms. Sergeeva since March 2014, and we have exchanged a number of reports and sent various proposals to President Putin in the past seven months regarding our potential collaboration with Russia. We believe this meeting was instructed by the top government officials of Russia as a follow up on our potential cooperation.  This time we had a more in-depth discussion on our proposals to the Russian government, such as the idea of turning Crimea into a Special Economic Zone with the profits from the economic projects go to charities in Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, the third world countries and developing countries, as this could be the peaceful solution to the crisis with every party wins, and help to lessen military tensions and reduce controversies over the issue. 

In addition, we have also discussed on our invitation to President Putin’s daughter or a respectful lady from Russia as recommended by His Excellency, to join the First Ladies Association as the Honorary Global President in Charities and Humanitarian Aid, with the Alliance’s proposed donation of USD 1 million for setting up a Charity Foundation under this lady’s name, for carrying out different forms of charities in Russia and other parts of the world.  Furthermore, we have also introduced the Alliance’s recent new initiative of upgrading the Alliance into an organization similar to the United Nations, with reference to the structure of the United Nations. We have invited Russia to be one of the permanent member states of this organization. Ms. Sergeeva would report to her government and follow up on all the above proposals.  

Ms. Sergeeva commented highly on the Alliance’s effort of enhancing economic development and humanitarian aid, and appreciated our noble peace work. This was a fruitful meeting and we expect to have close working relations with Russia in a number of economic projects which attract an investment of USD10-30 billion. We are confident the projects will be successfully carried out soon, with the support and positive feedback from the Russian government.

We take pleasure to meet with H.E. Mr. Kabir Farahi, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to P.R.C. and the old friend of the Alliance. Mr. Ambassador expressed his heart-felt gratitude to the Alliance on the scholarship granted to three Afghanistan students who are currently pursuing their undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering in China. In view of the severe financial difficulties encountered by these 3 students, the Board of the Alliance had specially approved to cover their accommodation and living expenses for their studies in China, apart from tuition fees. Mr. Ambassador understood that this was a very special consideration by the Alliance, which had also demonstrated the Alliance’s full support to his country.  His Excellency informed us that he had passed our letter of proposal to his government, and the Foreign Ministry of Affairs of his country is paying special attention to the cooperation with the Alliance. H.E. would keep close contact with us on the cooperation with his country and he is looking forward to having even closer working relationship with us. Furthermore, H.E. was pleased to learn that the Alliance is going to offer scholarship for three more Afghanistan students in the year 2015, apart from the three current ones, and once again expressed his gratitude.  In addition, our Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong proposed to donate a vehicle to the Afghanistan Embassy and Mr. Ambassador expressed his appreciation on our kind offer. 

We were warmly greeted by our old friend, Minister Gogu Alfred A. Saame at the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana.  Minister Saame complimented highly on our work for the benefits of humanity; he also remarked that the First Ladies Association newly established by the Alliance would be very successful, as this is a win-win for all parties concerned and hence he expects we would receive towering responses on this.  He believes it is highly likely that the First Lady of Ghana would support and join the First Ladies Association for helping the world. Mr. Minister introduced his wife Mrs. Naalo-Eng Saame to the Alliance for liaising with the staff in the First Lady Office of Ghana, and we would like to express our thanks to Minister Saame on this. We were very happy to meet with Mrs. Saame at our 2nd Anniversary Celebration Cocktail to have further exchanges.  Furthermore, Minister Saame was extremely gratified that the Alliance agreed to provide tuition assistance to a Ghanaian medical student who is currently studying in China and having financial difficulties in completing her degree, if she could fulfill the requirements of our scholarship programme.  He was also pleased to learn that the Alliance would offer scholarship to three students from Ghana.  In addition, Minister Saame supported the idea of turning the Alliance into the organization with the functions of the United Nations, as the Alliance would help countries particularly the third world countries to seek their fair share in the international community.

We paid a second visit to the Royal Norwegian Embassy, after the meeting in our Beijing trip in March this year.  It was our pleasure to meet with Minister Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission Ms. Kristin Iglum again, with her colleagues Minister Counsellor Ms. Lise Nordgaard and Trainee Mr. Gard Aleksander Heggelund.  Our Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong presented an update of the Alliance’s recent activities and new initiatives, such as the First Ladies Association.  Mr. Wong also highlighted the importance of striking a balance in the diplomatic strengths among all countries, which was evidenced by the tragedy of the Malaysia plane crash in Ukraine. The Alliance has a mission to help our cooperative countries and small countries to strive for a fair share in the international community, and thus we have the initiative of upgrading the Alliance into a United Nations-like organization. By doing this, more countries would be able to get a fair involvement on significant international issues. Furthermore, we have also shared with the diplomats on our invitations to the world-renowned leaders, such as former U.S. President George W. Bush and former U.S. Secretary of States Dr. Condoleezza Rice to join the Alliance.  Ms. Iglum appreciated our work in promoting world peace and commented that it was a good idea for the Alliance to join hands with the political giants in striving for a better world to benefit all mankind.  She also mentioned that Norway has always been a great supporter to the United Nations, and we agreed to stay in touch with each other for potential cooperation in future.


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