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Delegation trip to Beijing, Oct 13-17, 2014 (Highlights)


2nd Anniversary Celebration Cocktail held by the Alliance at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, with the Ambassadors and Diplomatic Envoys on Oct 17, 2014


Group picture taken at the 2nd Anniversary Celebration Cocktail


The Alliance held its 2nd Anniversary Celebration Cocktail on the last day of the Beijing delegation trip in October 2014, at Four Seasons Hotel. We were delighted to meet with our old friends and new friends of Ambassadors and diplomatic envoys of over 30 countries during this trip. Their participation in our Celebration Cocktail was a great support to us and continuous affirmation to the Alliance’s vision, work and achievements. Furthermore, we are delighted to establish friendly relationship with five new countries in this trip, including Jamaica, Kenya, Rwanda, Vietnam and Yemen; and some of the meetings were instructed by their top government officials for exploring on potential cooperation with the Alliance and the First Ladies Association. 

Key highlights of the delegation trip:

During our trip, we have received very positive feedback and comments from Ambassadors and diplomatic envoys of different countries on the Alliance’s two recent new initiatives:

i.First Ladies Association which is established with the vision to upgrade the social status and enhance the dignity of women by inviting the First Ladies and the respectful ladies of different countries in our work of promoting the benefits of women and the underprivileged in this world.  A number of Ambassadors and diplomats have conveyed to us that their governments are very interested in such initiative, and agree that the unity of those influential ladies can bring significant good changes to this world with their soft power.  This First Ladies Association will work on the Alliance’s vision of promoting world peace through charities and humanitarian aid. Apart from the proposed donations of USD 1 million to the First Lady/respectful lady of the seven leading countries, namely France Germany, India, P.R.C., Russia, United Kingdom and United States, for carrying out different forms of charities, a funding of USD 100,000 each will be provided to other countries after the joining of their First Ladies/ respectful ladies for charities in the respective countries, as a start-up initiative. We will accept around 100 countries taking up this initiative in the first year of the Associations’ establishment, for administrative purpose. Furthermore, we will be organizing a series of world-wide scale fundraising events which will be held annually to finance our charitable projects; and more funding will be allocated to the First Ladies/respectful ladies for carrying out different forms of charities in their countries, after the fundraising event held each year. 

 We look forward to joining hands with the First Ladies/respectful ladies from different countries in the world, to work on our mission of promoting world peace and enhancing charities and women’s social status. 

ii.The idea of transforming the Alliance into an organization similar to the United Nations, with reference to the structure of the United Nations. There will be 10 permanent member states for the Security Council, 10 deputy permanent member states and 20 non-permanent member states. We will continue to focus our work in three key areas: Economic Development, Humanitarian Assistance and Promotion of World Peace. We believe this could help small countries to strive for a fair share in the international community; at the same time, this would introduce competition with the United Nations in a good way for more benefits of humanity, and would help to make the world a better place.  Furthermore, any profits made in the economic development projects of the Alliance will be allocated to the member countries of this organization.  With the rapid expansion of the Alliance, it currently enjoys a strong international diplomatic strength with a solid network of close to 120 cooperative countries, and we will soon be sending out invitations to different countries for membership of this organization. 

This initiative was being highly appreciated by diplomatic envoys of different countries, as this could give the countries another option for membership in an organization similar to the United Nations, for facilitating international cooperation and striving for their share in the international arena.  Many diplomats are interested in it and will report to their government on our initiatives, and keep close contacts with us on the cooperation. Furthermore, we have also invited Russia and France to be one of the permanent member states of this organization during our meetings with their diplomats in this trip, and they would report to their governments and follow up with us on this. 

Vehicles Donation

The Alliance is going to donate a vehicle to each of the following four embassies at Beijing who are the staunch and ongoing supporters of the Alliance: Embassy of the Union of the Comoros, Embassy of the Republic of the Congo, Embassy of Mongolia and Embassy of the Republic of Togo, for supporting their economic development activities and fostering related cooperative affairs between these countries and the Alliance. It is also a token of appreciation for their towering and unfailing support to the Alliance and its activities.  Nevertheless, we will continue to commit ourselves in offering necessary support and resources to different countries, for advocating economic development and humanitarian assistance to those in need.   

Meetings at the Embassy of the Republic of France and Embassy of Russian Federation

Another key highlight for this delegation trip was our meetings with the diplomats of France and Russia in their respective embassies. This was the second time we had meetings in these two embassies since March 2014, and we have exchanged a number of reports and sent various proposals to their Presidents in the past seven months regarding our potential collaboration. We believe the meetings were instructed by their top government officials for more in-depth discussion on our cooperation proposals with their countries, including several large-scale economic development projects with expected investment of USD10-30 billion.  We are confident that these projects will be successfully carried out soon, with the support and positive feedback from the governments of these two countries. In addition, we look forward to joining hands with the respectful ladies from Russia and France in striving for the benefits of women and the underprivileged. For details, please refer to the respective news article on the 2nd and 4th day of this delegation trip. 


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