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Appreciation from the Embassy of Grenada



We have recently received a letter from the Embassy of Grenada in Beijing. On behalf of the Embassy, Mr. Ambassador expressed their appreciation to the Alliance on our invitation to the First Lady of Grenada to join the First Ladies Association as the Honorary President (Grenada) and Honorary Deputy Director (Caribbean) in Charities and Humanitarian Aid. We have invited Her Excellency to join hands with us in enhancing female’s status and dignity globally, together with other First Ladies and respectful ladies from different countries all over the world. Our invitation has been forwarded to the Prime Minister of Grenada, and we look forward to working with Her Excellency and other First Ladies and respectful ladies in our peace work in the upcoming future. 

Besides, the Alliance has proposed to donate a vehicle to the Embassy of Grenada in Beijing, in order to support the economic development and charitable activities for the country, as well as establishing a strong tie between Grenada and the Alliance. Mr. Ambassador has expressed the sincere thanks from the Embassy to the Alliance for the generous offer. 

We are committed in enhancing economic development and humanitarian aid all over the world, and helping the small countries to advocate their development in all different aspects. We look forward to having closer cooperation with Grenada as well as other countries in creating a better world.  


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