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Association of First Ladies and Respectful Ladies newly established by the Alliance


A lot of women’s rights are being violated and exploited in this world. Women and young girls do not get the respect they deserve as evidenced by recent serious rape incidents happened in India.  The Alliance hopes to upgrade the social status and enhance the dignity of women by inviting the First Ladies and the respectful ladies of different countries in our work of promoting the benefits of women and the underprivileged in this world.  As we strongly believe that the unity of those influential ladies can bring significant good changes to this world with their soft power. This association of First Ladies and respectful ladies from all around the world will work on the Alliance’s vision of promoting world peace through enhancing charities and humanitarian aid, and benefit over 3.5 billion female populations. 

We have invited the First Lady/respectful lady of some leading countries to be the Alliance’s Honorary Global Chairman/President/CEO/Director in Charities and Humanitarian Aid, including Lady Peng Liyuan of China; Lady Michelle Obama of U.S.A.; Lady Samantha Cameron of the United Kingdom; a respectful lady as recommended by President François Hollande of France; the daughter of President Vladimir Putin of Russia or a respectful lady as recommended by President Putin, and a respectful lady as recommended by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. We have also invited a respectful lady as recommended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to be the Alliance’s Honorary Chairman (India and Asia) in Charities and Humanitarian Aid. We are going to set up Charity Foundations under the names of these seven aforementioned First Ladies or respectful ladies, with our proposed donation of USD 1million to each of them, for carrying out different forms of charities as considered appropriate by them.  

We are also inviting the First Ladies/respectful ladies of all different countries in the world to join us in our peace work. We sincerely hope that these First Ladies/respectful ladies could join hands with us in promoting charities and humanitarian aid, as well as enhancing female status and dignity globally.  

We are planning to organize a series of world-wide scale fundraising events in the major cities of each of the aforementioned countries annually, for raising more charity funds to help the underprivileged, as well as promoting the status and dignity for the female population. The event will be jointly organized with well-established enterprises and corporations all over the world, for charities as well as promotion of their merchandizes. The fund raised will be used for financing several significant projects that would benefit the female population and all mankind. The first key project will be the mass construction of public washrooms for females in India. In addition, as some of the female population may not have the opportunity to receive education due to financial difficulties, religions or discriminations, part of the fund raised will be used for enhancing female’s education standard for those underprivileged. Furthermore, the fund will also be allocated for world-wide scale projects on the enhancement of medical facilities, public health and hygiene for all mankind.  Top government officials, political leaders, First Ladies and other respectful ladies from different countries, conglomerate corporations, renowned entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other celebrities will be invited to join such meaningful events. It is believed that such fundraising series will be a great success, with the support of all countries in the world, and the overwhelming responses from multinational corporations and enterprises all over the world. It is expected to raise a substantial amount of funding for the aforementioned charitable projects, and helping those in need.  The funding raised in such series of fundraising events will be allocated to the Charity Foundation of the First Lady/respectful lady of the respective country, for helping the underprivileged of that country and the third world.  

In October 2014, the Alliance will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary since its establishment.  We will be holding a Celebration Cocktail for the 2nd Anniversary of the Alliance, tentatively scheduled in mid-October 2014 at an international five-star hotel in Beijing, during our next delegation trip.  We are inviting Presidents and First Ladies/respectful ladies, government officials, and Ambassadors and diplomatic envoys from different countries to attend this cocktail and join us in our celebration, as well as for the formation of this Association of First Ladies and Respectful Ladies.


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