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Recent Proposal to the United States of America


Recently, we have sent a proposal to President Barack Obama of U.S.A. on potential cooperation with the United States in different aspects. Some key areas are highlighted as below:  

1) Donation of USD 1 million to the U.S. government as a start-up initiative for future cooperation. The donation shall be used in education area or other purposes as they consider appropriate 

2) Offered the Alliance’s scholarship program, “International Dreams Come True Scholarship” with the fund of US$10 million, to eligible students from U.S.A. and students from other countries to pursue education in the States

3) Establishment of a Commerce & Trade Office in U.S.A. for promotion of foreign direct investments and facilitation of international trade and charitable fundraisings; and working with the U.S. government on the possibility of granting of honorary titles such as Honorary Consuls and Economic Counsellors, to business and social leaders and wealthy professional members, for bringing in more investment and charities to the country. 

4) Collaboration on cultural exchanges projects, such as our large scale movie production project with investment of US$200 million. We would invite the elite movie companies and producers from the States to participate in our movie production projects. Any profits generated will be donated to the charities to help those in need.  

5) The establishment of the proposed provisional government and embassy of the “Nation of Peace” in the States in the possible future. 

6) Exploring with the U.S. government on potential cooperation on the development projects of establishing special economic zones in different parts of the world, as well as the island development project for the Nation of Peace, in the aspects of infrastructure, construction, securities supplies, tourism, economic and business activities and for each of these zones. 

7) Invite Lady Michelle Obama to join the First Lady Association of the Alliance, as the Honorary Global Director in Charities and Humanitarian Aid, on a voluntary basis. We have proposed to set up a Charity Foundation under the name of Lady Michelle Obama, with our proposed donation of US$ 1million to Her Excellency, for carrying out different forms of charities in U.S.A. and other parts of the world.  We have also invited the participation of U.S. in our series of world-wide scale fundraising events which is proposed to be held in the major cities of the leading countries annually.

We look forward to partnering with the United States in promoting world peace and developing close working relationship in different aspects for the benefits of the American and people all over the world. 


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