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Proposal of Cooperation with the Russian Government


We have received the reply and congratulatory remark from the Embassy of Russia for our proposal to President Vladimir Putin on our cooperation with the respective country before our delegation trip to Beijing in June 2014.  

Subsequently, we have sent a further proposal of cooperation to His Excellency, highlighted as follows:

1.) To establish a Commerce and Trade Office in Russia for bringing in more investment, international trade and charities, as well as for the promotion of tourism. 

2.) To work with the Russian government in organizing a world-class scale martial arts contest, which will be held in both Russia and Hong Kong, tentatively scheduled in mid of 2015, with our proposed donation of US$ 1 million to the Russian government for the event. Top-notch martial artists from Russia and other countries around the world will be invited to participate in the contest. We believe this world-class martial arts contest would help to facilitate culture exchanges between different countries.

3.) We would like to work with the Russian government in granting of honorary titles, such as Honorary Consuls, Economic Counsellors and Tourism and Charity Ambassadors, to business and social leaders and philanthropists by the government’s recommendation, as well as to those from our international network of over 105 cooperative countries, in exchange for their financial contributions to the country.

4.) Collaboration on our large scale project in movie production, with investment of US$200 million, to produce our proposed first movie, “Our Most Influential World Leaders - On the road of World Peace”, featuring the fantastic stories of President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, with the collaboration among them of our Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong, in promoting world peace. Internationally-famed film directors, actors and actresses from different parts of the world will be invited for such movie production.  Any profits made from the movie projects will be donated to the local charities.  In addition, 20% of the profits generated from the project will be used to establish a Movie Development Fund, which aims at supporting the new and young directors, actors and actresses who are devoted in movie production, to help them in making their dreams come true. More world-class scale movies will be filmed for charities in future with more charitable funds generated in our economic development projects.

5.) To invite a daughter of President Putin for joining the First Ladies Association of the Alliance, as the Honorary Global President in Charities and Humanitarian Aid, on a voluntary basis. We have proposed to set up a Charity Foundation under the name of her, with our proposed donation of US$ 1 million, for carrying out different forms of charities in Russia and other parts of the world.  We have also invited the participation of Russia in our series of world-wide scale fundraising events which is proposed to be held in the major cities of the leading countries.

6.) To work with Russian government on the project of creating special economic zone in Crimea, with huge capital investment from the well-established enterprises and investors in our business network, or explore with the Russian government on recommendations of any other possible locations in Russia for such project. It is expected to attract an investment of USD10-30 billion, and create lots of employment and different business opportunities. Apart from designing it as an attractive tourist resort with numerous tourist attractions and facilities, some areas could also be developed as industrial hubs.

We look forward to partnering with Russia in the upcoming future to create a better world and promote world peace. 


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