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May 14, 2014 ĘC Letter of Appreciation Received from the Prime Minister of Canada



Currently, the Alliance is in the process of inviting more world-renowned leaders and individuals to join hands with us to make a better world, including the current and former top government officials from different countries.

Recently, we have received a reply from the Prime Minister of Canada to our letter of Feb 11, 2014 in which the Alliance:

1) Proposed to donate US$1million to the government of Canada for education purpose, or any other appropriate areas for the benefits of the people in your respective country, as a start-up initiative for our potential collaborations in future. 

2) Proposed to establish a scholarship programme, “International Dreams Come True Scholarship” with the fund of U.S$10 million to offer financial support to the underprivileged students for their pursuit of higher education in overseas countries. 

3) Proposed to launch a large scale project in movie production with investment of US $200 million. We will invite world renowned film directors, actors and actresses for the production of world-class movies and documentary films.  By shooting movies that introducing the culture, people, landscape and scenery of our cooperative countries to the world, we could help them to promote their tourism, and at the same time, this could also further enhance the reputation and goodwill of the Alliance.  Any profits made from all the movies will be donated to the local charitable organizations.

4) Proposed to establish Commerce and Trade Offices in Canada and some of the countries to facilitate international trade and bring in more investment, charities and to create more jobs for Canadians.  

5) Invited the Prime Minister to be the Alliance’s Global Chief Executive Officer after his tenure in office.

We are honoured to receive a Letter of Appreciation from the Office of Prime Minster of Canada regarding our proposal. Although the Prime Minister is not able to consider our offer for the time being due to his busy work schedule, he highly appreciates the Alliance’s focus on economic development and humanitarian aid. 

Subsequently, we have sent another letter to the Prime Minster in May in which we further:

1) Proposed granting of honorary titles such as Honorary Consuls and Economic Counsellors, to those patrons, entrepreneurs, business and social leaders and wealthy professional members in Canada, as recommended by his government, in exchange for their financial contribution to Canada. We suggest that similar approach could also be practiced for Canada to grant.

2) In order to generate more funding for helping the underprivileged, we suggest investors who do business through our network would need to donate 10% of their profits to the local charities of those countries where they do business with and also to the third world countries. The donation could be used for starting up some social enterprises so as to create more employment opportunities for those in need.

3) Offered Prime Minster to the Alliance’s Chairman based in Canada after his tenure in office, joining hands with us in serving over 7 billion people in the world.

The Alliance will continue maintain communications with the Prime Minister of Canada for future cooperation opportunities, and look forward to cooperating with him in the future. 

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