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Proposals for Co-operations with Russia


The Alliance had sent a letter to the Honorable President Vladimir Putin of Russia and the Ambassador of Russia to P.R.C in December 2013, for seeking potential co-operations with Russia in economic development, charities and humanitarian aid, education and other possible areas. 


We have made proposals to President Putin and the Ambassador in a number of areas. 


The Alliance has decided to make a donation of US$1,000,000 to the government of Russia, and to build a martial art school to promote physical fitness and healthy way of life among the people in Russia. In addition, we have also invited Russia in collaborating with us in our movie production project of a world-class scale movie.


Furthermore, the Alliance has proposed to establish a Commerce and Trade Office in Russia, for facilitating international trade, business co-operations, tourism, as well as bringing in more foreign investments and charitable donation to Russia.


Regarding the area of education, the Alliance has invited Russia to join our scholarship program, the “International Dreams Come True Scholarship”. We will offer financial support to the needy students in Russia for their pursuit of higher education in overseas countries. Besides, we would also make financial sponsorship to potential students who want to pursue their studies in Russia from our cooperative countries.


The Alliance has made proposals to Russia with different initiatives in various areas, and we are opened to all kinds of collaborations with Russia for enhancing the betterment of the world. We are looking forward to establishing friendly partnership with H.E. President Putin and Russia for mutual co-operations in the near future.

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