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Dec 12, 2013 Visit of H.E. Mr. Paul R. Lit Fong Chong Leung, Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius to P.R.C. to the Alliance


Visit of H.E Paul R. Lit Fong Chong Leung, Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius (Fourth from right) and Madam Joan Chong Leung, Ambassador’s spouse (fourth from left) to the Intell Finance and Mortgage Company
Mr. Sunny Wong, Executive Chairman of the Alliance (third from right); Mr. Sam Hui, Executive Vice President of the Alliance (right); Ms. Bourgelie Ampion, Legal Advisor of the Alliance (third from left)

Meeting with Mr. Ambassador and Madam

Mr. Ambassador (right); Madam (left); Mr. Sunny Wong, Chief Executive of the Alliance (middle)

Visit to the Central office of the Alliance; Mr. Ambassador (second from right); Madam (middle); Mr. Sunny Wong (second from left)



It is our honour to invite Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius of P.R.C. to visit the Alliance in Hong Kong after our first meeting and dinner banquet in Beijing in November.


During the visit on Dec 12, 2013, Mr. Sunny Wong, our Executive Chairman, introduced the latest activities of the Alliance, for example, we are working closely with Egypt and Ukraine for seeking cooperation opportunity. Mr. Sunny Wong also shared the proposal of financial aid and investment plan to Mauritius.


Mr. Ambassador then explained to us about the current status as well as the economic need of Mauritius. According to His Excellency, Mauritius has developed into a middle-income diversified economy, it is based on tourism and some other industries, therefore it would be appreciated if we could help in tourism promotion. His Excellency had also shown his interest in our movie production, and welcomed us if we would select Mauritius as the location for film-shooting. We believed having fascinating scenery of Mauritius in our movie will arouse the attention of the audience and thus promoting in tourism. His Excellency also stated that the need of bringing in Chinese investors for developing hotel industry in Mauritius. Since the number of visitors from China has been increasing, not only this may help boosting the tourism in Mauritius, but also to establish tailor-made hotels to suit the need for large group of Chinese visitors.


His Excellency also welcomed in the development of casino industry, which is in fact a good tourist attraction and good promotion of economic development. The government of Mauritius has promised to grant the license of casino business for investors, who can generate enormous revenue and stimulate the employment circumstance and related industries.


To fight against poverty and enhance the economic situation in long-run, consolidation of knowledge is the best solution, therefore we would donate US$200,000 to Mauritius for education purpose or other fields that benefits to Mauritius.


Apart from the aforesaid situation and proposal regarding Mauritius, Madam Joan Chong Leung, Ambassador’s Spouse shared the objectives of the ‘The Commonwealth Society in Beijing’ (‘the Society’) with us. She is the President of the Society, which is voluntary and non-profit, founded by a group of spouses of Ambassadors from the Commonwealth countries in China, aiming at providing assistance for the people of China that are less fortunate and in need, mainly the women and children. They are active in fundraising activities and the Society’s main fundraising event is the Charity Gala Dinner, which is held annually.


It is acknowledged that both Society and the Alliance are sharing the similar vision to promote charitable activities to the Third World. Therefore the Alliance and Society would join hands in the way of forming a joint unit, the Woman Division of the Alliance, to support the development of Society and working together to promote charitable activities in China with stronger network and strength. For the establishment of the new Division, we invited Madam to be the Chairman of the Woman Division as it would be our asset if Madam joins our Alliance with her brilliant leadership. To further expand the Division, Madam would invite more members from the Society and look for more female officials and female relatives from the officials in the embassies to P.R.C to strengthen our network. At the same time we suggest two of our members to join the Society, one will be our Legal Advisor, Ms. Bourgelie Ampion. In this way we could support each other for better accomplishments. Madam will discuss with the Society members for further cooperation opportunities in their next committee meeting.


Such partnership will form a solid bond between the Society and the Alliance, and therefore the Society will be one of our greatest supporters in every project that the Alliance would be involved, and vice versa. We would help to attract investors to participate in fundraising activities and provide financial assistance to the Society in different events such as Charity Gala Dinner. The Alliance will make donation with amount of RMB300,000 to assist in the Society activities and promotion and donate an additional 30%-50% of total on top of the annual fundraising amount that they make throughout the year.


This meeting resulted well with lots of interaction. Before coming to the end, H.E. promised to pass our proposal to the government and try to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister for further discussion in the way of cooperation. We are looking forward to our next meeting. 


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