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The Republic of Congo is located along the equator in Central Africa. It is bordered in the north by the Republic of Cameroon and Central African Republic; in the west by Gabon; in the Easy by the Democratic Republic of Congo and by Angola in the southwest. Congo’s landscape is a variation of coastal plains, mountainous regions, plateaus and fertile valleys, with 70% of the country’s area is covered by rain forest.

The population of Congo is estimated at around 4.04 million, over half of which live in the two major cities, Brazzaville and Pointe Noire. The population is formed by the majority ethnic group of Bantu, together with the other four largest tribes, Mongo, Luba, Kongo and the Mangbetu-Azande. The official language of Congo is French, but native tongues such as Lingala and Munukutuba rank just behind French as national languages. Christianity is mostly practiced in Congo, followed by Islam and traditional religions.

The national currency of Congo is the Central Afraican CFA Franc. Its economy is highly based on its oil industry, it is now one of the main oil producers in sub-Saharan Africa.


Embassy of the Republic of the Congo

Ambassador: H.E.Mr.Daniel Owassa,Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Counsellor: Mr.Nkoua Albert,Minister Counsellor
Mrs.Nkoua Nee Ndoulou A.
Address: No. 7, Dong Si Jie, San Li Tun
Tel: 65321658 / 65321417 / 65321387
Fax: 65322915




International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid

Central Office- No. 8, Dorset Crescent, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Branch Office- Gina Plaza, 2A Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.
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