Organizational Structure
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Mr. Sunny Wong Executive Chairman
Mr. Mango Wong Executive President
Mr. Sam Hui Executive Vice President
Mr. Edmond Ip Vice President
Mr. Michael Chu  Vice President
Mr. Tang Lung Biu Vice President

 Honorary Advisors (Based in China)


The Alliance continues to invite Ambassadors of the cooperative countries, who share the same belief and vision with the Alliance in striving for a better world, to become our Honorary Advisors. Currently, we are honored to have 13 Ambassadors of the Embassies in Beijing joined this honorary advisory team. The joining of the Ambassadors would further enhance our unity and signify good relations for attracting the investors and philanthropists to make contribution to the countries that are associated with the Alliance. Furthermore, this honorary advisory team has an objective to strengthen the position of the Alliance and the developing countries by forming a group so as to influence and strike a balance in the globe economically and politically.


H.E. Mr. Latif Gandilov,  Ambassador of Azerbaijan to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Borislav Maric,      Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Julio Morais,    Ambassador of Cape Verde to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Mahmoud M. Aboud,   Ambassador of Comoros to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Daniel OWASSA,   Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. I. J. Karl Hood,   Ambassador of Grenada to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Abdul-Karim H.Mostafa,      Ambassador of Iraq to P.R.C.
H.E. Ms. Lebohang Ntsinyi,       Ambassador of Lesotho to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Tsedenjav Sukhbaatar,     Ambassador of Mongolia to P.R.C.

H.E. Mr. Ahmad Abbas Ramadan,  

H.E. General Abdoulaye Fall,  

Ambassador of the State of Palestine to P.R.C.

Ambassador of Senegal to P.R.C.

H.E. Mr. Imad Moustapha,       Ambassador of Syria to P.R.C.
H.E. Mr. Madibo Charles Wagidos Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda to P.R.C.


Legal Adviser and Honorary Treasurer


Ms. Deannie Yew Yat Wa  Legal Advisor
Mr. CHENG Hong Kei, Andrew Honorary Treasurer


Mr. Sunny Wong, the Executive Chairman of the Alliance is a successful businessman in financial industry, with more than 30 years’ professional experience in micro-loan field. He is also an investor in real estate industry, a philanthropist, and a man of vision and with outstanding leadership.


International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid

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