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The International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid (the “Alliance”), is an independent international organization. It has continued to carry out its work in enhancing economic development, charities and humanitarian aid and serve the global population, irrespective of religious creed, races and political affiliations.  Through this, we hope to promote world peace by helping to strike a balance in the global economies and strengths of different countries, and reduce unnecessary military hostility and tension, with the strong international diplomatic strength currently enjoyed by the Alliance which has a solid network of different cooperative countries.   We are committed in taking on the role of messenger of peace between different nations, as well as rendering necessary assistance in resolving disputes. This has been the vision and the most important mission of the Alliance. 

The Alliance’s background, brief history and development

The founding father of the Alliance was the International Boundless Dreams Come True Foundation (the “Foundation”), which is a charitable institution with no political affiliation or religious creed, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2004 (IR File No. 91/7601). The Foundation was established by a group of successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists, to carry out charitable activities to help the underprivileged and promoting humanitarian aid in countries such as China, Benin, East Timor and Mali. 

The International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid was established in 2012, with a vision to promote economic development and humanitarian aid in a world-wide scale. As an independent international organization, it targets to serve the global countries in the aspects of commercial and trade cooperation, investment, charitable donation and humanitarian aid, as well as other potential fields.  Within two years’ time, the Alliance has expanded rapidly and become a unique international organization. As in mid of 2016, we are associated with over 170 countries in different parts of the world, including the leading countries. 

We are in the process of inviting the influential world leaders to join the Alliance, to work with us in our peace work and serving over 7 billion people in the world.  Those countries and people who have contributed in our peace work and those who share the same vision and core value with us and appreciate and support our work, as well as those who have benefitted from our work, are all partners of the Alliance which is having increasing significance on different world issues. 

For further details of the Alliance and its updated activities, recent initiatives and achievements, please click on the icon of “Activities” (http://www.alliance-hc.org/about/?1.html). 




International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid

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